Hyperconvergence lends itself as an optimal solution for any industry.

Companies and professional firms

Modern professional firms and businesses are characterized by increasing daily data production and increasingly complex applications.

To meet these challenges, companies and firms need a flexible, scalable and highly secure IT infrastructure.

Hyperconvergence is a technology that integrates compute, storage and networking resources into a single solution, which is ideal for keeping costs down for any IT infrastructure.


Cloud Service Provider

Regardless of the services offered, Cloud Service Providers must have a resilient, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure, especially in terms of cost.

The level of storage employed by hyperconverged solutions is at the heart of this, as it can constantly protect customers’ data, their most valuable asset.

Companies that adopt hyperconvergence are able to offer their customers a more reliable, flexible and secure cloud experience.



Hyperconvergence is particularly suitable for industry, where large amounts of data need to be handled in real time. Indeed, modern industry is characterized by increasing data throughput and increasingly complex applications. Meeting these challenges requires a flexible, scalable and secure IT infrastructure.

Hyperconvergence is a technology that integrates computing, storage and networking resources into a single solution, enabling a number of benefits.

For example, a manufacturing company using hyperconvergence for production control can improve its efficiency and productivity by reducing the need to move data between different machines.

This can result in the reduction of downtime and increased production.


Data in educational institutions is growing at an unprecedented rate due to factors such as online learning, educational portals, video content and students’ personal devices.

In fact, data sharing among faculty, students and parents is a common practice in educational institutions.

Managing all this amount of data is a major challenge that requires improvements in the IT infrastructure of all educational institutions.

Educational organizations are choosing OpenStor hyperconvergence solutions to address these IT challenges, such as exponential data growth and the need for high performance and reliability.

These solutions virtualize storage hardware, providing a more flexible and scalable architecture that can be tailored to each school’s specific needs.

Public Administration

Data is now fundamental to any organization, public or private, and public administration is no exception.

Data are used to make decisions, provide services, and improve efficiency. However, the increasing amount of data that must be managed is putting a strain on existing IT infrastructures.

Therefore, government agencies are increasingly adopting hyperconverged solutions to improve the efficiency and modernity of their IT infrastructure.

Hyperconvergence is a technology that integrates computing, storage and networking resources into a single solution.

This enables organizations to consolidate their infrastructure, simplifying management and reducing operational costs.



The use of information technology (IT) in hospitals is growing rapidly, offering numerous benefits, including better facility management, more effective patient care and cost containment.

However, this exponential growth of healthcare data also brings with it a great responsibility for hospital IT teams to ensure the security, compliance, accessibility and integrity of this information.

OpenStor offers the IT departments in the health care sector of the hyper expand and modernize the infrastructure and especially to Make it hyperconvergent, so that a physician or health care assistant is always able to access the data he needs, without interruption in the execution of his work and without running the risk of losing data.

Supporting the sale of hyperconvergence systems

Personalized counseling

We offer customized consulting for the implementation of any type of hyperconverged infrastructure, both for end customers and resellers, including hardware and software design, deployment planning, and data migration.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

Deep knowledge of hyperconverged products and their integrations make OpenStor a key customer reference. A strong orientation toward customer satisfaction provides access to excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.

Training courses

Learning sessions, run by our experts, allow you to reinforce learning about all things hyperconvergence, combining practical aspects with real-world scenarios and experiences.

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