OpenStor 2910

Hyperconvergence (HCI) system that can combine Server, Storage, Networking and Virtualization, in just 4 Rack units.

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Cluster of 3 Servers Dual Processor Intel Xeon Scalable

The cluster, consisting of 3 Servers, provides a high level of reliability and scalability. In the event of a Server failure, the others take over automatically to ensure service continuity (business continuity).

Servers can run in synchronous mode so that workloads can be distributed among them and consequently increase the performance of the entire hyperconverged system.

Enterprise-Class SAN and NAS Dual Controller Storage

The storage is based on adual Active-Active enterprise-class controller architecture, whereby services can be switched in seconds if a single controller fails, ensuring service continuity.

Innovative RAID 2.0+ technology reduces the rebuilding time of 1 TB of data from 10 hours to 30 minutes, and compared with traditional RAID, the risk of data loss due to failure is reduced by 95 percent.

Storage provides high-performance and high-reliability SAN and NAS services, rich in features such as tiering between different media types and data protection and data efficiency features.

Integrated Networking

The hyperconvergence system does not require any external switches, thus allowing the difficulty of network planning to be reduced by 90 percent.

Management of the entire system is through a unified environment through which computing, storage, networks, upgrades, capacity expansion, inspections and all other operations on the system can be managed.

Integrated Virtualization Platform

Virtualization software makes it easy to create and manage virtual environments . A number of built-in features make it a versatile and very powerful solution for any type of data virtualization . Using virtualization technology, a server can be split into multiple virtual machines. Processors, memories, disks and networks become a dynamically managed pool of virtual resources.


Integrated virtualization software for intelligent management of VMs (Virtual Machines) and clustered resources, as well as intelligent HA/FT scheduling.


Built-in storage management software dedicated to monitoring performance, alarms, events, power consumption and general operation.


Hyperconverged platform supervision software reserved for IT managers to monitor performance and overall operation.

Customized systems and delivery

All-in-One High Efficiency Devices

Simplified, easy-to-use O&M

High data security and reliability

Why Choose the OpenStor All-in-One Hyperconvergence System



High reliability and high availability

Suitable for Enterprise Business

High performance

Simplified management of the entire IT system

Ease of installation

Compactness (rack units, cables and devices)

Reducing Hardware and Software Costs

Suitable for SMB (Small & Medium Business)

Infrastructure installation in 1 hour (Ready to Go)

Supporting the sale of hyperconvergence systems

Personalized counseling

We offer customized consulting for the implementation of any type of hyperconverged infrastructure, both for end customers and resellers, including hardware and software design, deployment planning, and data migration.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

Deep knowledge of hyperconverged products and their integrations make OpenStor a key customer reference. A strong orientation toward customer satisfaction provides access to excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.

Training courses

Learning sessions, run by our experts, allow you to reinforce learning about all things hyperconvergence, combining practical aspects with real-world scenarios and experiences.