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What is hyperconvergence and what types exist

With the term hyperconvergence means a type of IT infrastructure having a hardware, or software architecture, capable of Manage computing, storage and network resources in a single integrated platform. This type of infrastructure is designed to simplify management, improve operational efficiency and offer greater flexibility in the deployment and management of IT resources.

Most hyperconverged systems require at least three hardware nodes that can be further expanded by adding more. A group of nodes is referred to as a cluster.

There are different types of hyperconvergence solutions, each with its own characteristics and advantages. The choice among these types depends on the specific needs of the organization, its existing infrastructure, workload requirements and management preferences.

Each type of hyperconvergence has its own advantages and considerations, and the choice will depend on various factors , including performance requirements, flexibility, cost, and business objectives.

Distributed hyperconvergence (scale-out)

Distributed hyperconvergence, also called scale-out, is an approach to IT infrastructure in which compute, storage, and network resources are integrated and scale horizontally. This means that overall resources can be increased by adding new nodes or appliances, rather than having to perform vertical upgrades on individual components.

Scale-out hyperconvergence solutions are designed to simplify IT infrastructure management, reducing operational complexity and improving efficiency. The scale-out approach makes it easy to expand overall capacity by adding new units without disrupting existing operations.

This concept is particularly relevant in the contexts of data center and of cloud computing, where flexibility and scalability are crucial to meet changing needs. Scale-out hyperconvergence is often associated with technologies such as virtualization, which enables better resource management and more efficient resource utilization.

OpenStor Hyperconvergence

The OpenStor All-in-One Hyperconvergence System is a hyperconvergence solution that integrates all the hardware and software components of a data center into a single system. This includes the server side, storage for data archiving, switches intended for networking and virtualization.

The hyperconverged system consists of a single chassis, consisting of 4 rack units, which contains all the components necessary for the complete operation of the IT infrastructure. This apparatus is preconfigured and ready to use, making it an excellent solution to easily implement and manage.

OpenStor hyperconverged systems are fully scalable. In fact, they can be easily expanded to meet any growing needs of companies, easily managing workloads.

In addition, they can help reduce costs significantly by reducing the need to purchase and manage separate hardware and software-a significant benefit in terms of the budget allocated to IT resources.

Advantages of using hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconvergence (HCI) systems offer numerous benefits for businesses, including improved scalability and management of IT services and a Significant reduction in costs. especially when expansion of resources is needed as a result of business growth.

Indeed, the scalability of hyperconverged infrastructure, both horizontal and vertical ,greatly simplifies budget forecasting, enabling companies to be able to plan their IT investments more accurately, reducing the risk of overestimating or underestimating costs.

Horizontal scalability is about adding new nodes to the infrastructure allowing for increased compute, storage and network resources.

Vertical scalability, on the other hand, allows the above resources of each individual node belonging to the infrastructure to be upgraded in order to improve its performance without having to replace the existing hardware.

The possibility of the described expansions, which allow for increases in computing capacity and storage capacity, proves to be very convenient, especially when infrastructure needs to be scaled up as a result of business growth.

Customized systems and delivery

All-in-One High Efficiency Devices

Simplified, easy-to-use O&M

High data security and reliability

OpenStor hyperconvergence systems

OpenStor 2910

Designed to integrate everything you need in just 4 Rack units

The Openstor 2910 hyperconvergence (HCI ) system combines Server, Storage, Networking and Virtualization, in just 4 Rack units. It can be expanded upon request based on business growth.

OpenStor 2910 does not require any external switches, thus allowing the difficulty of network planning to be reducedby 90 percent.

A built-infeature set makes it a very versatile solution for any type of virtualization.

OpenStor All-Flash

Designed for high performance

Superior all-flash storage systems designed for mission-critical workloads. Innovative hardware for faster speeds.

Active-Active enterprise-grade data protection, SAN and NAS without gateways. HyperMeter enables load balancing between two sites (RPO = 0, RTO ≈ 0).

Innovative RAID technology tolerates simultaneous failure of multiple disks. Intelligent O&M to reduce costs.

OpenStor Scale-Out

Designed for mass unstructured data

The Scale-Out OpenStor storage series helps enterprises fully embrace the yottabyte era through innovative, state-of-the-art architectures and technologies.

Designed for a full range of enterprise applications, from virtualization and cloud resource pools, to big data analytics and High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), to intelligent video and image management, backup and archiving.

Supporting the sale of hyperconvergence systems

Personalized counseling

We offer customized consulting for the implementation of any type of hyperconverged infrastructure, both for end customers and resellers, including hardware and software design, deployment planning, and data migration.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

Deep knowledge of hyperconverged products and their integrations make OpenStor a key customer reference. A strong orientation toward customer satisfaction provides access to excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.

Training courses

Learning sessions, run by our experts, allow you to reinforce learning about all things hyperconvergence, combining practical aspects with real-world scenarios and experiences.